Ultra-Short-throw Projectors

Al Shamel for New Technology presents you, projectors offering ultra-short throwing distance, 3D ready at cost effective rates for corporate and educational applications in classrooms and meeting rooms. It delivers vivid imagery within an exceptionally short distance of the projection surface. They also are ideal for interactive whiteboards. The models up for grabs are,

  • 3000 – 3600 ANSI Lumen
  • U321H
  • U321Hi-MT
  • U321Hi-MP
  • UM301X
  • UM301Xi-MP
  • UM361X
  • UM361Xi-MP
  • UM301W
  • UM301Wi-MP
  • UM301Wi-MT
  • UM351W
  • UM351Wi-MP
  • UM351Wi-MT
  • UM352Wi-MT
  • UM352Wi-MP

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