Amplifiers are used in wireless communications and broadcasting. With years of experience in this field, Al Shamel for New Technology is devoted to providing a wide range of amplifiers. All our amplifier offers versatile features and outstanding value for installed sound applications such as schools, offices, restaurants.

Here are the different amplifier models we provide


Mixer Power Amplifier

A-1800 Series Mixer Power Amplifiers

·         A-1803

·         A-1806

·         A-1812

A-1700 Series Mixer Power Amplifiers

·         A-1706

·         A-1712

·         A-1724

A-2000 Series Mixer Power Amplifiers

·         A-2030

·         A-2060

·         A-2120

·         A-2240


Microphone Mixer Power Amplifier

·         A-1706

·         A-1712

·          A-1724


Package Amplifier

·         A-230


System Management Amplifiers

·         VM-2120

·         VM-2240


Digital Power Amplifiers –

·         Dual-Channel Power Amplifiers – DA-250D, DA-250DH

·         4-Channel Power Amplifier – DA-250F, DA-250FH, DA-550F, DA-500FH

·         Matching Transformer – MT-251H


Digital Mixer Amplifiers

·         A-5000



Apart from the different amplifiers, we have in stock VM-2000 Series Optional Accessories that include voice announcement board, surveillance board, remote microphone, remote microphone extension unit, rack mount bracket.


For pricing details and more information, call our customer service representatives.

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