Multi Touch Series

Al Shamel for New Technology presents you the Multi-Touch Series based on the latest touch technology. These displays deliver multi-touch support with fast response times and a greater level of accuracy. There is not a need to install any external driver software. Reflections are reduced to a minimum due to the anti-reflective coating which significantly increases the readability of the content.

The NEC Modular Touch System for Video Walls allows scalable video walls in landscape and portrait orientation of any size with its modular multi-touch frames.

Here are the models available with us,

  • E651-T
  • E705 SST
  • E805 SST
  • V404-T
  • V484-T
  • V554-T
  • V801 TM
  • P404 SST
  • P484 SST
  • P554 SST
  • P703 SST
  • P801 SST
  • X651UHD-2 SST
  • X841UHD-2 SST
  • X981UHD-2 SST
  • X551UHD IGT
  • X651UHD-2 IGT

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