Protective Mirror Glass

The Protective and Mirror Glass furnished by Al Shamel for New Technology offers guaranteed reliability. The protective glass is designed to withstand external impacts even under the toughest conditions. Here are some of the models up for grabs,

  • V323-2 PG
  • V404 PG
  • V484 PG
  • V554 PG
  • P404 PG
  • P484 PG
  • P554 PG
  • P703 PG
  • P801 PG X841UHD-2 PG
  • X981UHD-2 PG
  • X464UNS-2 PG*
  • X555UNS PG
  • P404 MG
  • P484 MG
  • P554 MG

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