Ceiling Speakers

Looking for inexpensive speakers for a multi-room audio system, or high-performance home theater? You are in the right place. Al Shamel for New Technology offers you durable and high performance Ceiling Speakers at affordable prices. The models provided are,

  • Surface Mount Type Ceiling Speaker PC-2668
  • Splash proof Ceiling Speaker PC-3WR
  • Splash proof Ceiling Speaker PC-3CL
  • Clean Room Ceiling Speaker PC-5CL
  • Ceiling Mount Fire Dome Speaker PC-1867FC

 Ceiling Speakers- Optional Accessories

The AT-4000 Series Attenuators’ provided by Al Shamel for New Technology is built to provide precision volume control. The built in overriding relay feature allows emergency paging.

  • Attenuator AT-4012-B
  • Attenuator AT-4030-B
  • Attenuator AT-4060-B
  • Attenuator AT-4120-B
  • Attenuator AT-4200-B

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