HX-7 Series Optional Accessories

Looking For Optional Accessories?  The HX-7 Series Optional Accessories offered by Al Shamel for New Technology is your right choice. The accessories we supply are,

  • Rigging Frame HY-PF7B
  • Speaker Connection Bracket HY-CN7B
  • Speaker Connection Bracket HY-CN7B-WP
  • Angle Adjustment Bar HY-60DB
  • Angle Adjustment Bar HY-60DB-WP
  • Rigging Bracket HY-VM7B
  • Rigging Bracket HY-TM7B-WP
  • Wall Mounting Bracket HY-WM7B
  • Wall Mounting Bracket HY-WM7W
  • Rigging Frame HY-PF7W
  • Speaker Connection Bracket HY-CN7W
  • Speaker Connection Bracket HY-CN7W-WP
  • Angle Adjustment Bar HY-60DW
  • Angle Adjustment Bar HY-60DW-WP
  • Rigging Bracket HY-VM7W
  • Rigging Bracket HY-VM7W-WP
  • Wall Mounting Bracket HY-MS7B-WP
  • Wall Mounting Bracket HY-MS7W-WP
  • Speaker Stand Adapter HY-ST7
  • Matching Transformer MT-200
  • Matching Transformer Adapter HY-MT7

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