Line Array Speaker Type H & Type S

Al Shamel for New Technology is the leading distributor of slim line array speakers with excellent directivity. It features clear sound with reduced attenuation over distance and its curved model enhances vertical dispersion. They are reflection-free and feedback resistant. A wide variety of optional mounting brackets are also made available along with the Speakers. The units we distribute are,

  • Line Array Speaker SR-H3S
  • Line Array Speaker SR-H2L
  • Line Array Speaker SR-H3L
  • Line Array Speaker SR-H2S
  • Line Array Speaker SR-S4S
  • Line Array Speaker SR-S4L
  • Line Array Speaker SR-S4SWP
  • Line Array Speaker SR-S4LWP

Line Array Speaker Type H & Type S- Optional Accessories

The Optional Accessories for Line Array Speaker Type H & Type S, made available by Al Shamel for New Technology,

  • Extension Plate SR-EP4
  • Wall Tilt Bracket SR-TB4
  • Wall Mounting Bracket SR-WB4
  • Stand Adapter SR-SA4
  • Protection Pad SR-PP4
  • Extension Plate SR-EP4WP
  • Wall Tilt Bracket SR-TB4WP
  • Wall Mounting Bracket SR-WB4WP
  • Flying Bracket SR-FB4
  • Floor Stand SR-FS4
  • Matching Transformer MT-S0601
  • Wall Mounting Bracket SR-WB3
  • Wall Tilt Bracket SR-TB3
  • Flying Bracket SR-FB3
  • Extension Plate SR-EP3
  • Stand Adapter SR-SA3
  • Matching Transformer MT-S0301

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