Wired Conference System TS-770 Series

Buy Wired Conference System TS-770 Series from Al Shamel for New Technology. We offer different types of wired conference systems for conferencing solutions.

Features of TS-770 Series

  • Maximum 70 Chairman and Delegate Units (up to 35 units* per line) are connectable to one Central Unit. If you are using the TS-775 Remote Delegate Interface Unit, up to 35 TS-775 Remote Delegate Interface Units can be connected per line.
  • Expandable to maximum 210 units by connecting 2 additional Central Units
  • Equipped with an All-Mic-On function
  • Remote conferencing is possible
  • The Test Function feature
  • Number of simultaneously usable delegate units can be selected
  • Automatic Mic-Off function (TIME OUT)

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