TOA 5000 Series Optional Microphones

Buy TOA 5000 Series Optional Microphones from Al Shamel for New Technology.  We provide a wide range of vocal and speech radio products to the highest specification at the cutting edge of technology.  When it comes to performance, reliability and build quality, TOA 5000 Series are the ultimate choice.  These are perfect choice for sports, conferencing, education and houses of worship

TOA 5000 Series Optional Microphones We Offer

Lavalier Microphone (YP M5300, YP M5310)

  • Unidirectional electret condenser microphone element
  • Connector for ø3.5 mini-plug

Headworn Microphone (WH 4000H, WH 4000A)

  • Unidirectional electret condenser Microphone

 Headworn Microphones are ideal for sport applications.

We focus to match the clients with the right audio equipment and at right place that will best meet the client’s requirements. For more information or to place your order, call us today.