Infrared Wireless Microphone System

Al Shamel for New Technology offers a wide range of wireless solutions to meet the most challenging audio demands, at almost any budget. TOA’s Infrared Wireless Microphone System comes with a range of conference and communication enhancing features. These features ensure confidentiality as well as interference-free communication for the discerning users.

The microphones use Infrared signals, and can be used in several adjacent classrooms simultaneously without interference.

  • Infrared Wireless Microphone – IR-200M IR-300M
  • Infrared Wireless Tuner – IR-702T
  • Infrared Wireless Distributor – IR-700D
  • Wall-Mount Receiver – IR-500
  • Battery Charger – IR-200BC
  • Ceiling-Mount Receiver – IR-510R
  • Ni-MH Battery – IR-200BT-2
  • Distributor – YW-1022, YW-1024
  • Wall-Mount ReceiverIR-520R

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