Infrared Wireless Classroom System

Need microphones, speakers, wireless systems and accessories for use in classrooms? Al Shamel for New Technology is the company you can trust. We offer TOA’s educational microphone system that ensures clear, interference free infrared voice transmission that brings classrooms to life.

Infrared wireless microphone can be used as hands-free or hand-held microphone. It ensures 8 hour operation with single AA battery.

It features  

  • Uniform classroom wide sound quality with a single wide-dispersion speaker which provides ample 100m² coverage
  • Quick and easy installation requiring just one CAT-5 cable
  • TOA lightweight, low fatigue infrared wireless microphones

Infrared Wireless Classroom System and Accessories

  • Infrared Wireless Microphone – IR-310M
  • Battery Charger – IR-310BC
  • Infrared Speaker – IR-820SP
  • Infrared Wireless Tuner- IR-802T

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