Al Shamel for New Technology offers TRANTEC S4 Series, which is designed for use on the UHF Frequency Band. This is best suited for both speech and vocal reinforcement applications. To minimize the influence of ambient noise, it comes with compander circuit.

With the option of either 4 or 12 user selectable channels the new S4 Series is the affordable choice for all.

Trantec Microphones & Accessories

TRANTEC S4 series includes many models of wireless systems. Moreover, we provide various accessories. Our varied product range, as well as versatile accessories ensures that we can cater for the most challenging audio demands.

  • TRANTEC S4.10 Series
  • TRANTEC S4.04 Wireless Starter Pack
  • TRANTEC S4.16 In Ear Monitoring System
  • TRANTEC S2.4 Series Digital Wireless Microphone System
  • TRANTEC S5.5/5.3 S4.10/4.04 Series Optional Microphones
  • Trantec S4.16 IEM Set
  • Trantec S4.16 IEM Rack Mount Brackets
  • TRANTEC Rack ‘n’ Ready
  • TRANTEC S5.5/5.3 S4.10/4.04 Series Accessories

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