TOA 5000 Series Set

With a compelling features, TOA 5000 series set delivers exceptional performance, bandwidth where required. Al Shamel for New Technology carries TOA 5000 Series Set to meet your audio recording needs.

The different models we offer include

  • WS-5225 (WM-5225+WT-5810 Set)
  • WS-5325M (WM-5325+WT-5810 Set)
  • WS-5325H (WM-5325+WH-4000H+WT-5810 Set)
  • WS-5265 (WM-5265+WT-5810 Set
  • WS-5325U (WM-5325+WH-4000H+WT-5810 Set)

WS-5225 includes a handheld wireless microphone. It features an electret condenser microphone capsule and is suitable for any applications.  This unit offers the ability to control your music just the way you want it

Whatever may be your needs, we have the knowledge and experience to help you every step of the way, with excellent service. Call us to learn more.