TOA 5000 Series 16 Channel Wireless Solution

Whether you are looking for TOA 5000 Series 16 Channel Wireless Solution? Then Al Shamel for New Technology is the right company you can partner. As one of the leading providers of wireless systems, we provide microphone unit that features rugged, lightweight construction for comfort and durability.

Wireless connectivity brings immediate cost benefits to any network, delivering high-capacity, high-performance. WM-5270, WM-5265 and WM-5225 are handheld microphones.

The models available with us are:

  • Handheld Microphone – WM-5270
  • Handheld Microphone – WM-5265
  • Handheld Microphone – WM-5225
  • Beltpack Transmitter – WM-5325

These are ideal options for use in houses of worship, schools, fitness clubs and many other applications. Get Started Today! Contact us today for your requirements.